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Welcome to Cybersport Federation, your opportunity to involve your game to worldwide cybersport . Our goal is to provide the best games to the public focus on dependability, high-quality customer service, and uniqueness. as a result, the best games will become worldwide Cybersport.

Founded in 2020 Cybersport Federation is a startup. We want to make a community for the game publishers and the players. The game publishers can make tournaments and make their game more popular. The players can join the tournament and they also can win rewards. If you have a good game, you can make a tournament in our platform and your users can participate in tournaments, win rewards bring profit to you. Thank you for you trust

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Our team is ready to support you in any issue. If you have any questions, you can contact us at the contact and we will be happy to try to solve any problem. Our team is constantly involved in training on legislative and innovative issues in order to be able to provide you complete services

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Cybersport Federation is a reliable partner for organizing tournaments. Our integration platform is highly secure. We have,

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