Login with Cybfed

Short description: Login with Cybfed will allow you to easy identify your users and create tournaments in our platform without any risk and legal problems and use our gamers community to make more profit and user base.

Details: Login with CYBFED allows people to quickly create an account and log into your application from various platforms.

The main feature of “Login through Cybfed” is that by integrating your game with our system, you can freely organize paid tournaments in our platform and Cybfed users can participate in your tournaments.

This feature is available on iOS, Android, web, PC, and devices such as Smart TV and IoT. Login through CYBFED allows you to solve two problems: to authenticate and to conduct tournaments. Login through CYBFED can be used both for authorization and participation of tournaments.

"Login with CYBFED" offers the following features: Creating an account Using "Login via CYBFED" people can easily and quickly create an account in your application without setting a password (as passwords are often forgotten). Having created an account on one platform, a person can then log in to your application on any other platforms - just one touch or click. Applications that use genuine data are usually less likely to spam and contribute to more active communication. Cross-platform login "Login through Cybfed" is available on a wide variety of popular mobile platforms and PCs.

People who create Cybfed accounts on one platform can quickly and easily log into the application from another. The user ID is unchanged, so the application easily recognizes the person and resumes work where it was interrupted. Adding to your existing account management system Login with Cybfed will complement your account management system.

You can find last updates and integration details by link Api.

Hold tournaments for your games integrating with the Cybfed platform and take a step so that your game becomes a cyber sport.