Tournaments Service

Short description: Using our platform you can organize paid tournaments for your games, with cash prizes, without any risks and problems. To do this, you must integrate with our system and that’s it.

How is works

In will be visible all games and tournaments that are registered in our platform. Our customers can filter and find the game or tournament that they want to play. After they should registered to that dedicated game and connect their account in that game with cybfed via "login with cybfed" button. It means that if game is application, customers should download application, if it is web, they should open corresponding game in web and registered or connect with cybfed. When in tournament will be registered at least given "minimum count of players" or tournament start time will comes, tournament will be started and will ask to all players of tournament are they ready or not. Players should open application/web game and click ready in our system. System will devide players in groups and create rooms in your game and invite players to that room. If player will not click ready button during given time system will assume that player loss in that round. After game will finished, game publisher should update results in cybfed opened webhook. Every round will have time for spent in it. If time will expire and system will not have any information from game room system will assume that in that room no one won for that round of tournament.

Rounds: Depends from players count system will create rounds for tournament for decide who are the best players. Round is one game session for players in dedicated game.

How to create a tournament

At first need to integrate "Login with Cybfed" service. After that you will need to add create room webhook url for giving permission our system to create room in your game. For more information you can take a look API documentation.

After that you can navigate to tournaments section in partner panel and click add tournament. You can add tournament name, Tournament description, Tournament start time, Tournament type(score/SitAndGo), Tournament enter price, minimal and maximal players count, estimated duration of one round. Total Reward and for which application you want to make tournament. You should have at least rewarded price in you balance for create tournament. After creating tournament it will appear in list of our players platform.

SitAndGO Tournaments

SitAndGo tournament will start automatic when minimum players count will registered to tournament without waiting to start time.

Score Tournaments

Score tournaments will start when will come start time and at if minimum count of players will be registered to that tournament.


Tournaments can be created by game publisher and system administration for promotion reason.

In case if tournament will be created by system administration, 20% of sold ticket will be given to game publisher.

In case if tournament was created by game publisher system will take 20% from every sold ticket.

For integration of tournaments service please go ahead to Api documentation