1 ․ Cybersport federation platform Terms of use

Terms of use of the "Cybersport Federation" platform (Terms of Use) represent your (User) and legally binding agreement between the "Cybersport Federation" platform, also regulate the use of the e-sports platform holding sports tournaments, allowing users to compete in e-sports games for real money. These Terms of Use also apply to the Platform Services that are currently provided or will be provided by the Cybersport Federation or any of its affiliates.
The platform is being tested. Please read the terms carefully before entering or using the site. By using the Platform, you confirm that you have read և accept all terms of use and the procedures that may be posted on this site from time to time. If you do not agree to all of the terms of this agreement, you may not access the Website or use any of the Services. The site is only accessible to people who are at least 13 years old.
Cybersport Federation reserves the right to restrict or terminate your access to the Website or to suspend or suspend your registration in accordance with non-compliance of the terms and conditions posted on this Website at any time.

2. Changes in terms of use

1. By purchasing or using the Platform, by registering with the Platform, you unconditionally accept all Terms of Use without any exceptions and/or restrictions, such as the fact that you act on your behalf in your best interests. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, please do not use the Platform.

2. By giving you access to the Platform, the Cybersport Federation believes that

 (a) You have all the necessary rights to use the Platform;

(b) You have provided personally identifiable information by posting your personal information in the domain where it is available to other users of the Platform, you have made this information public and  aware that it may be made available to third parties  copied և (or) distributed by third parties,

 (d) You have read և accepted the Terms of Use.

3. The Cybersport Federation reserves the right to change, update, add or remove parts of these Terms at any time. For changes, please check the Terms of Use regularly. The amended version of the "Terms of Use" is valid from the date of approval of the "Cybersport Federation". The confirmation date is indicated in the Terms of Use.

To further improve this site for usefulness to you, we may add additional services or modify existing services.

4 ․ The Cybersport Federation does not process personal data of persons under 13 years of age. Users between the ages of 13 and 18 should discuss with their parents or guardians the possibility of using the Platform and the terms, provide us with their personal data only with the consent of their legal representatives.

If you have been informed that the Cybersport Federation may obtain the personal information of a person who requires the consent of his or her legal representatives and no such consent has been given, please notify Cybersport Federation by email support@cybfed.com via. If we are aware that any personal information about a child under the age of 13 or a child between the ages of 13 and 16 has been collected without the consent of their legal representatives, we will delete that information from our database.

3. User account

1. You create an account by registration of the platform. You confirm that the information you provide to the Cybersport Federation is accurate and complete.

2. You can create and use only one account. You may not share your account with another person or allow another person to use your account. You may not use another user's account even if they have given their consent. All transactions are monitored to detect potential money laundering activities; Any suspicious activity in your account could result in your account being blocked. User accounts and passwords are for personal use only and should not be shared. Group and general accounts are prohibited.

3. The user is responsible for the privacy of his account and the security of his device. Cybersport Federation is not responsible for the use of your account, or for all communication and activities on the Platform, which allows you to use your account by any person whom you may intentionally or negligently grant access to using your account. The Cybersport Federation is not responsible for any fraudulent use of your account without your permission. If you believe that your account privacy has been compromised, you should notify Cybersport Federation by email to support@cybfed.com immediately.

You are fully responsible for the confidentiality of your account information, including your password, and for any activity. The Cybersport Federation shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from failure to fulfill these obligations.

4. You hereby give your full consent to use any communication you provide to contact us to notify you about services, licenses, tournaments, new product releases, etc.

5. By registering on the Site, you agree that the Cybersport Federation may display your nickname, avatar, background, tournament schedule, tournament list, your followers, content, your comments, your participation in tournaments, tournament entries, and any other information related to your game activity.

6. Using the Platform, you are always responsible for any internet service provider, telephone, or other connection charges that you may incur when joining the Platform, even if we offer free access.

4. Responsibilities of Partners

A partner is any organization or individual who offers a game for which it is possible to organize a tournament

1. The Partner is fully responsible for the organization of the Tournament, fully responsible for the content of and any consequent damage, whether the Content is text, graphics, audio file or software. 

By making the content accessible, you represent and guarantee that:

• Downloading, copying or using content does not infringe on ownership

• The content is not spam, has not been created automatically or accidentally and does not contain immoral or unwanted commercial content, or further illegal activities (such as phishing or misleading recipients due to the source material)

• The content is not pornographic, defamatory, does not contain threats or violence against persons, does not violate the privacy or publicity of any third party.

• Your tournament is not advertised through unsolicited emails, such as spam links in newsgroups, email lists, other blogs, websites, and similar advertising methods.

• Your tournament is not marked with a horse that misleads your readers into thinking you are another person or company. for example, your tournament url or name is not a name of another person or company.

2. By creating your tournament on the Cybersport Federation website, you understand that the content will be available to the public. You provide the Cybersport Federation a license to reproduce, modify, adapt, publish the content solely for the purpose of displaying, disseminating, or promoting your tournament. If you delete content, the Cybersport Federation will make a reasonable effort to remove it from the Website, but you acknowledge that content retention or links may be unavailable.

3. The partner must integrate the "Cybersport Federation" login button in their own game and  give an opportunity to the "Cybersport Federation" to create rooms in the game in the name of the site's users. After the tournament, the room is closed and the information is passed to the "Cybersport Federation".

5. Privacy Policy

 The Cybersport Federation implements security measures to protect the information under its jurisdiction, its  change, personal data, processing, use, storage and protection of other data. These security measures are described in our privacy policy. The Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Terms of Use.

The Cybersport Federation does not warrant that any personal information you provide will be compromised or declassified.

6. Issuance of a license

We hereby grant you a personal, non-exclusive, non-commissioned, non-public, non-transferable և worldwide license to download, access, otherwise use Cybersport Federation on your mobile device, computers in accordance with these Terms of Use:

7. Restriction of use rights

1. The user has no right

a. Transform, modify, dismantle the platform, and any part of it.

b․ Allow unauthorized persons to use the Platform, that is, to publish your credentials to third parties, including through other network channels, such as selling, renting, allowing third parties to use your rights to the Platform (in whole or in part).

c․ Change or delete the name of the right holder, the name of the platform, the texts and images contained on the Platform, the logo of "Cybersport Federation", and Other trademarks registered by the "Cybersport Federation" and third parties. Create, use, distribute or  publish any materials related to the Platform (texts, words, images, sounds, video, audio files, etc.) where such actions may violate any privacy policy, infringe any intellectual property rights or personal information :

d․ Create an account of another person or legal entity, misrepresenting the information, participate in tournaments using another person's account.

e․ Advertise or promote third party companies or products, post links to third party websites.

f․ Disclose confidential information to other users or third parties.

g․ Intimidate or harass other Cybersport Federation users or promote campaigns on sexual content, violence, or discrimination based on race, sex, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, or age.

h․ Use the Platform to distribute material that in Cybersport Federation's subjective opinion is defamatory, obscene, offensive, pornographic or hateful, or to prosecute, persuade, instruct others to commit illegal acts, such as spreading harmful acts or self-harm, spreading enmity, especially calls for robbery and violence, causing harm, intimidating others, humiliating, as well as other threatening materials, including threats of physical violence.

i․ use the platform with the intention of disrupting tournaments, intentionally playing poorly, or not using skills to match the level of a less experienced participant.

j․ Use cheat codes, automate actions or processes (bots), perform hacking, etc.

k․ Use technical support functions for unintended purposes or send false reports to the Cybersport Federation team.

2. The "Cybersport Federation" may terminate the Terms of Use by deleting the User's account, cancel the received rewards and take measures against the User in accordance with the current legislation if the User violates the provisions of this section.

8. Payments, cash withdrawals and returns

1. When you provide payment information to one of our payment processors, you are notifying us that you are the authorized user of the card, PIN, key or account associated with that payment. And  You allow us to process your payment. Sometimes it may require that you provide your email address or other information to fulfill our obligations under applicable tax law.

You acknowledge that you will not use any other methods to disguise your place of residence, circumvent geographical restrictions on ticket purchases, or for any other purpose. Alternatively, we may block your account and charge the corresponding balances from your account.

2. The winners of the tournament are awarded prizes by the tournament organizers as Virtual Points, which are displayed in the balance of the winner's wallet.

3. You can cash the available prize at any time. The prize has a limit on access. You can withdraw cash starting from the minimum limit. The limit is set by the Cybersport Federation in the account balance section.

4. All transactions are represented in USD. Please note that payment systems or your financial institutions may use different conversion rates for payments and refund payments.

5 ․ The payment made by the user will be reflected in the balance of his wallet when the user wants to make a payment to participate in the tournament, he must make a transfer from his balance by clicking the JOIN button on the account of the tournament. If the user has already paid but for some reason does not want to participate in the tournament, he can cancel the participation before the beginning of the tournament and get back the payment which will be reflected in the balance of his wallet again. However, if the user does not manage to cancel the participation before the start of the tournament, there will be no return, even if he did not participate in the tournament, he will simply be considered a loser.

 If the tournament is canceled, all payments will be refunded.

6. The Cybersport Federation uses the services of third-party electronic payment systems and financial institutions to withdraw prizes.

7. Commissions may be applied for the withdrawal of prizes depending on the tariffs set by the electronic payment systems and financial institutions.

8. Prizes are awarded to the User in full. The User is responsible for all state and community taxes incurred by the User in respect of the prizes awarded.

9. Electronic payment systems and financial institutions may require you to identify and verify your account. You will be required to provide proper identification and proof of entitlement to any subsequent recalls. If you suspect of fraud, your right to withdraw prizes may be revoked for security reasons.

10. You agree that you will follow the terms of e-payment systems and financial institutions. You agree that the Cybersport Federation shall not be liable for any losses incurred by your credit card or other means of payment in connection with the use of the Program or the withdrawal of prizes.

11. Cybersport Federation may upload links to third parties and You may choose to use such third party offers by following the link, or you may decide to disregard the link. Such third parties may charge additional usage fees that are not included or related to fees for using our services. Any additional costs or liabilities you may incur in dealing with these third parties are your responsibility. We do not warrant any representation of any third party websites. In particular, we do not represent or warrant that any services or subscriptions offered by third party providers will be altered, suspended, or terminated.

9. Tournaments

1. Tournaments are game competitions held among Platform users who have expressed their willingness to participate in such competitions, the winners of which are determined by criteria clearly defined by a particular game. Platform tournaments are held in two ways: free tournaments, paid tournaments, in which a certain number of players can participate.

2. By registering for the tournament, you openly acknowledge that you have read and understood the rules of the tournament. By registering for the Tournament, you agree to participate in the Tournament until its end with any other user. The "Cybersport Federation" and/or the tournament organizer may, at their discretion, set the date and time  of the tournament for each specific match.

3 ․ The Cybersport Federation and / or the tournament organizer reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine your right to participate in the tournament, as well as to withdraw or change the rules of the tournament at any time without prior notice, without any liability.

4. The results of the tournament directly depend on the number of participants and the skill of each participant. Cybersport Federation does not comment or make any announcements about your winnings or losses or any other user.

5. The list of winners after the end of the tournament is displayed in the information about the tournament.

6. The results of each tournament and The winners are determined by the Platform automatically based on the actual data obtained during the game. By registering and participating in the tournament, you agree that the results are final and can not be appealed unless the tournament rules provide otherwise.

 The User has no right to participate in the tournament

a. use a third party account.

b. deliberately play poorly or abuse your skills to match the level of a less experienced participant.

c. Use bots, apps, or similar methods, use desktop emulators that allow mobile games to be played on a desktop device, participate in tournaments, or perform other platform-related fraudulent activities. Any attempt to do so must be  civil, and violation of criminal law and will result in the participant being barred from accessing their account. The Cybersport Federation reserves the right to suspend access to any account whose owner is suspected of obstructing the outcome of their game in order to participate in the tournament or otherwise violating the Terms of Use or the rules of the tournament.

10. Bonuses and commissions

Cybersport Federation earns commission fees from the sale of each ticket:

a․ If the tournament is organized by a partner, then 20% of the ticket price belongs to the "Cybersport Federation" 80% to the game partner.

b. If the tournament is organized by "Cybersport Federation", then 80% of the ticket price belongs to "Cybersport Federation", 20% to the game partner

The "Cybersport Federation" may from time to time make promotions within the framework of marketing events and provide bonus points to game owners and users, but these provided bonuses imply that they must be fully circulated on the platform and then withdraw, they must not be withdrawn without circulation.

11. Affiliate program

 Cybersport Federation reserves the right to withdraw any affiliate program we create for you. We can change any of our plans at any time. Any additional terms applicable to the Affiliate Program will be displayed with the Affiliate Program. By joining the Affiliate Program and/or participating in the Affiliate Program, you acknowledge that you agree to its terms.

12. Intellectual property rights

1. All intellectual property rights in connection with the Platform belong to the Cybersport Federation and (or) its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. The platform is protected by copyright laws, international intellectual property treaties, conventions, and other regulations.

2. The Cybersport Federation respects the intellectual property rights of third parties, complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and other applicable laws. If you are the copyright holder  and believe that any material on this site infringes on your copyright, please notify us at support@cybfed.com by providing any copyright information we  may need at this time to help you with.

13. Limitation of Liability

1. "Cybersport Federation" provides the user with the "AS IS" principle Platform and all the risks related to a certain expediency and applicability of the Platform, and the nature of its implementation, compatibility. The Cybersport Federation does not provide any explicit or implicit risk assurance to the User and rejects any such warranty. For the avoidance of doubt, Cybersport Federation does not provide any warranty which is not expressly stated in the Terms of Use.

2. The Parties shall be liable for non-compliance or improper performance of these Terms of Use.

3․ "Cybersport Federation" and its subsidiaries are not responsible for the following:

a ․ For non-compliance with the requirements of the "Cybersport Federation" by the user, for the obstacles that arise that prevent the user from using certain functions of the Platform.

b. Incompatibility of the Platform with other URLs, services, software և (or) hardware, as well as damage (or loss) caused by the User as a result of such incompatibility.

c. The platform, account, content, including loss of intangible assets, termination, malfunction, or malfunction of mobile or desktop device, as well as any other losses. In no event, Cybersport Federation is liable for any direct or indirect loss or gain resulting from the use of the Platform, or for its inability to use the Platform, even if it is the cause of any unlawful acts, these Terms of Use or the Cybersport Federation warranty breach. These exceptions and limitations of liability will remain in force even if no other legal remedies are available.

5. Interruption of the normal operation of the platform due to malfunctions of certain parts of the Internet network, telephone lines, Internet service providers, intercity և international line providers, which are indirectly involved in providing access to the Platform;

6. The Cybersport Federation cannot guarantee the smooth, error-free, virus-free operation of the Platform.

14. Technical Assistance and Reporting Issues

1. If you would like to report a problem, please email technical support to support@cybfed.com. The Cybersport Federation ensures that any reported issues or disputes are resolved in a fair, transparent manner.

2. In the event that we receive a report of a breach of the Site Terms of Use, we may delete or suspend your account. You may not use your account if it has been suspended. The Cybersport Federation will review each violation individually and decide at its discretion whether your account should be deleted or temporarily suspended. In some cases, the Cybersport Federation reserves the right to cancel your prizes.

15. Term and termination

1. These Terms of Use shall enter into force upon acceptance by the User and shall remain in force until the termination of the User Account or the Cybersport Federation.

2. The User may terminate these Terms of Use by submitting an account deletion request to support@cybfed.com. Deleting an account will result in the user losing access to the Platform. The account will be deleted within seven (7) calendar days after submitting the deletion request. During this period, other financial activities initiated by the User will be completed. After the expiration date, the personal account information of the user will be deleted. We may continue to process the data upon receipt of the application if it is necessary to protect the legal rights and interests of third parties of the Cybersport Federation, as permitted by applicable law.

3. In the event that Cybersport Federation ceases to support the Platform, or in the event that a user violates these Terms of Use, Cybersport Federation may terminate these Terms of Use by blocking the User Account. "Cybersport Federation" may revoke the right to use the Platform (license), block the account, and impose liability on the user, as provided by applicable law. "Cybersport Federation" is obliged to notify in advance about the termination of the Terms of Use blocking the User Account.

16. Other

1. Strictness. In the event that any provision of these Terms of Use, in whole or in part, the court or other legal authority decides to declare invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, this provision or the relevant part thereof shall be deemed invalid, while the remaining provisions remain unchanged and in force, except in cases where such partial invalidity significantly alters the intent of the Parties in the present use.

2. Legal rights. You may have additional rights in relation to the legal relationships set forth in these Terms of Use under the laws of your country. These Terms of Use do not change your rights under the laws of your country.

3. Complete contract. Terms of use constitute the complete agreement on the provision of services and prevails over any other preliminary or modern agreements on this subject.

4. No assignments from you. You are not permitted to assign any rights or obligations to third parties under the Terms of Use.

5. Independent parties. The parties are independent parties. These Terms of Use do not create any agency, partnership, or joint venture relationship.

6. Force majeure. The parties are released from liability in the event of certain circumstances for non-compliance or improper performance of these Terms of Use, such as natural disasters, hostilities or terrorist attacks, riots, changes in working conditions, government actions disrupting the Internet, that such circumstances are not subject to the control of the Party.